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  • Sterile Alginate Wound Dressing 10x10cm

    Sterile Alginate Wound Dressing 10x10cm
    Sterile Alginate Wound Dressing 10x10cm
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    Wound Dressing
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    Posted: 2020-7-27

    Product details:

    Provide the antimicrobial silver, soft-gelling absorbency and fiber strength that professionals need to manage critically colonized wounds at increased risk of infection.



    • Antimicrobial effectiveness - reduces a broad spectrum of pathogens
    • Soft-gelling absorbency - conforms to the wound and is soft and pliable
    • Ensures a moist environment for optimal wound healing
    • One-piece removal



    Silver Calcium Alginate Dressings may be used for: post-operative wounds; trauma wounds (dermal lesions, trauma injuries or incisions); leg, pressure and diabetic ulcers; graft and donor sites; second-degree (superficial, partial-thickness) burns.

    Under the supervision of a health care professional, Silver Calcium Alginate Dressings may be used in the management of critically colonized wounds, or to assist in the control of minor bleeding in superficial wounds.


    Contraindicated for use on individuals with a known sensitivity to alginates or silver, for use as a surgical sponge or for surgical implantation, or to control heavy bleeding.

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