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  • Silicone Catheter Securement Device 600611

    Silicone Catheter Securement Device 600611
    Silicone Catheter Securement Device 600611
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    Catheter Securement Device
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    Posted: 2019-10-28

    Product details:

    Yafho Silicone catheter securement device the catheter in a channel created by a foam insert and the loop over-strap. The loop over-strap is divided in half and is placed on both sides of the catheter bifurcation crotch. The Yafho Silicone catheter securement device has no adhesives coming in contact with the catheter and allows a degree of rotational, and limited horizontal, movement. This movement can be adjusted by applying the top fabric over-straps in a tighter fashion.



    • Soft and flexible fabric design improves patient comfort.
    • Low profile with no pins or hard plastic parts.
    • Provides excellent securement for both horizontal and vertical lifting accidental pulls.
    • Simple to apply, inspect and adjust.
    • Hypoallergenic, breathable and latex-free to reduce the risk of allergic reactions and skin irritation.
    • Skin-friendly(Silicone) adhesive supports simple application and removal.
    • Secures both 2-way and 3-way Foley catheters at the “Y” connection.


    Device Size

    16.8 cm x 5.7cm

    Latex Content

    Does not contain any natural rubber latex materials.
    Not manufactured, handled, or processed with any natural rubber latex materials.


    Yafho Bio-Technology Co.,Ltd


    ISO13485 CE GMP


    Sterilized by EO Gas

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    Yafho Silicone Catheter Securement Device

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