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    Adhesive Eye Pad
    Adhesive Eye Pad
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    Wound Dressing - Eye Pad
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    Posted: 2019-10-11

    Product details:

    The Yafho adhesive eye pad is made of medical-grade non-woven fabric and non-adherent pad.

    It is specially design for eye wound care also amblyopia treatment.

    1.Good permeability, air permeable, but can block bacteria, can protect the wound from bacteria

    2.Good first and repeat adhesion degrees, appropriate stripping degrees. Will not cause any pain
    during removing, no tight edge, long-lasting paste time, will not fell off in water.

    3.Advanced coating technology, good moisture-penetrability, causes no skin allergy.

    4.The Absorbent pads ability of absorb fluid is 8 times more than normal pad. The imported
    Guided drift surface can make the pad will not adhere to wound, and it is easier to tear off
    when change drug, will no cause secondary damage of the wound.

    5.Wound will be not bonded to dressing, anti-leakage can shower, improve quality of life

    6.User-friendly design, complete range of specifications, multi-style, provides more choice
    for clinical use.

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